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The Impact of Wayfinding

Wayfinding signage aims to enable people to travel through a space to a final destination. Essentially, wayfinding signage must guide people from where they are now to where they want to be, effectively.

This type of signage is widely found in our daily routines in places such as airports, hospitals, supermarkets, shopping centres and inside its shops. Applied correctly, wayfinding reduces the annoyance that emerges when the public cannot locate their destination. Furthermore, excellent wayfinding signage can strengthen the space, allowing the public to discover things that otherwise they would not, whether that is inside a retail shop, a retail park or a town centre.

Wayfinding is part of a strategy designed to bring a fascinating experience. With personal experience being the most powerful in brand image, it is crucial for brands and organisations to be consistent across all channels, from products through to service and experiences.

Stanley Hainsworth, former Nike’s creative director, said, “experience first”. Improving experience generates an enormous amount of power for a brand or organisation. At Evolution, we can provide you with excellent design on time and within budget to improve your customers’ experience, please contact us.

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