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Stunning Retail Signage: A Business Essential

Any business would want stunning retail signage. It is important that signs have a proper font: large and easy to read, fonts such as Arial and Helvetica. The sign must be readable from a distance. Furthermore, certain colour combinations are easy to see, such as black on yellow, as opposed to black on red. The size and shape of the sign are important as well. However, as to outdoor retail signs, it is important to keep in mind that local sign ordinances may restrict what you can do with your sign, especially in terms of height. There is one exception though: If your sign’s design preceded a city ordinance, you are “grandfathered in.”

As for the sign business in the UK, it is growing, especially in terms of new technology.

According to Print Week, a sign-oriented event was recently held in Birmingham. In the past it was considered a “regional event,” but “Sign and Digital UK portfolio director Rudi Blackett” labeled it “a true business event.” He referred to the theme as “Applications, Ideas, and Advice”.

The article stated that the event was structured around the three categories of “signmaking, display solutions and digital printing.” The displays by a very large assortment of vendors were aimed at showing the future in these three areas. Anyone interested in stunning retail signage would have been interested in the event. The overall impression is that the sign business is growing at a rate approaching that of the computer and information technology industries.

You don’t have to be up on the very latest technology to have a large, attractive sign. Evolution Graphics handles large format print signage in addition to a multitude of other services. If you are interested in stunning retail signage that will surely point your customer in your direction, please contact us.

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