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Did you know that the majority of in-store signage is barely read by shoppers? Research suggests only between 15-20% of signs are actually noticed. This is because shopper’s mindsets have been pre set on a task of buying. The more complex the signage the less likely it will be read. Word heavy messaging is best kept to the packaging. Your signage can do a multitude of things: it can help deliver and affirm you brand, it can create aspiration, help customers navigate, communicate offers and add to the stores overall ambience.

Here is a six point check list to help you get the most from your signage:

Six Point Check List
  1. Keep it Simple
    Communicate the message concisely in as few words as possible. Simple signs create easy navigation and engagement.
  1. Keep your headlines short and don’t be scared of white space
    Ideally 3 to 5 words maximum, using a clean, crisp, and easy-to-read typeface. As good rule, thirty to forty percent of a sign’s area should be left as white space for optimal readability.
  1. Use colour consistency
    Consistently using one colour scheme will create visual impact, a more cohesive brand experience and standout.
  1. Get the scale/ratio of the sign right within its location
    Think about the location of the sign, is it too big or too small within the area it is being displayed.
  1. Unique Shapes create visual interest
    Our eyes naturally gravitate to unique shapes. Such signs are often more likely to be viewed by customers.
  1. Use Engaging imagery
    Images should be the dominant element of a sign as they more easily appeal to the subconscious.

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