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Safety In Signs

Effective health and safety signage in the workplace is not only often mandatory but it is essential, because it is normally the main visual point of reference for your workforce.

This signage needs to communicate clearly and be easily understood. These symbols often convey a variety of meanings so they have to appear as a group, because in many cases a single danger sign is not adequate. For instance, a hazardous gas sign may be accompanied by an instruction to wear a gas mask. This is more effective than a single warning sign.

There are four main types of safety signage and in most cases the same set of colours are used throughout the world.

These are:

Red: An indication of the potential of immediate danger

Yellow: A warning that precautionary steps should be taken

Blue: A mandatory instruction that often accompanies danger or warning signs

Green: Is for safety, not danger. Usually used to indicate an escape route or first aid.

A good working environment will usually incorporate all of the above.

Having the proper signage in your place of work can significantly reduce accidents. Evolution can help you with legal compliance as well as producing all of your health a safety signage.

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