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Saxby’s Cider

Award-winning cider makers from Saxby’s Cider approached Evolution to help convert the exterior of a trailer into one of their touring mobile cider bars.

  • Large Vinyl Wrappings
  • Banners to the front and rear
  • Stencils for the bar front

The Brief

Evolution have previously partnered with Saxby’s Cider to produce a variety of projects including Delivery Van Vinyl Wrappings, Stencils and Stand-off wall features.

This time Saxby’s had acquired a full-size trailer to turn into a mobile pop up bar capable of touring the country, promoting the company, and of course displaying an array of delicious ciders.

The Solution

To produce an eye-catching store front in keeping with the Saxby’s image, Evolution applied 57 metres of vinyl to the exterior and interior of the trailer to give the impression of a rustic blue timber finish. Vinyl is a great cost-effective material that is used to renovate a variety of vehicles in many different industries. Designs can be easily printed and applied without the permanence of painting and it also provides a protective layer against minor damage.

Other features were incorporated into the design of the vinyl on the exterior of the trailer – such as the company logo and the many cider options available that Saxby’s offer.

PVC Banners were also applied to the front and rear of the vehicle to clearly display the Saxby’s company name and promote the social media outlets for the business. PVC was used as a durable waterproof material that could be made to fit perfectly within the fold-out points of the trailer.

Finally, a stencil was produced of the Saxby’s Cider logo to paint on the front of the bar.

The Final Outcome

The Mobile pig cider bar was completed for the summer of 2017 and continues to be used on many events and tours around the country – including festivals, food shows and outdoor music events.

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