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Marketing Suite Success

Selling a home is not so different from selling a car, in this case it’s your marketing suite that is your showroom for what is for many, a life changing purchase.

When potential customers step in through that door you want them to immediately engage with your brand. Will the environment they have entered live up to what they saw in the press ad or the brochure?

It is crucial to get this right in order for help your sales team as it’s possibly the biggest purchase they will ever make; maybe it’s their first house or where they want to spend the rest of their lives.

It’s certainly an emotional process and your suite is going to play a vital part in selling that dream so it needs to deliver that promise.

Key checkpoints:
1. Make the suite appealing

It needs to reflect and live up to the dream you are selling

2. Make it built to last

Potential buyers will need to feel that they are in a quality environment – if it’s poor then they will assume the houses will be built the same way.

3. Make them take the right steps

Get the flow through the suite right and sell them a story. Build up the picture as they walk round and they will buy into you and your product.

So remember layout, flow and a quality finish are key ingredients to engage with the customer.

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