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Hoardings and Site Signage

Hoardings and site signage are one of the most important ways for property developers to capture the attention and imagination of potential customers with arresting graphics and targeted messaging. This is one of the best methods to generate early interest in your development and to populate a database of potential buyers. The cost is comparatively small, and the rewards can be massive.

With so many developments currently going up, it is more important than ever to stand out from the competition.

At Evolution we have specialised within this area of signage for many years, investing heavily in print machinery to ensure we can offer the best quality printed graphics for your holdings. This allows us to print large volumes to tight deadlines with complete colour consistency.

Rules & Regulations
Our knowledge and experience mean that we understand the rules and regulations that apply to hording construction and positioning stipulated by the Health and Safety Act 1974. This means that our hoarding signs are all built to the correct specifications and are placed at the correct height. Hoardings generally have two roles to play, one to advertise; creating attention and generating interest and secondly to act as a safety barrier, protecting the public from construction machinery and debris.

A site hoarding by law has to be in place before construction can begin. We always survey the intended area prior to manufacture to make sure the signage when built will withstand such things as prevailing wind and heavy traffic. Our expertise allows us to deal swiftly with the relevant site people to get approval, and insure the hoardings conform to the guidelines of a recognised code (such as the British Standard).

So, when you next require residential or commercial building site hoardings and signage why not get in touch with one of our experts and find out how we can provide you with head turning graphics that comply with health and safety regulations.

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