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Big & Bold – Graphic Design In 2018

Our team of dedicated designers decided to throw out all the possible, “I told you so” moments and make predictions for the year that has just begun and proves to be a very interesting one in graphic design. Of course, what years aren’t? 2018, however, carries with it an aura of greatness. The colours seem bolder and the logos have evolved to either end of the spectrum: retro-brands to animated productions. It will be interesting to see how the graphic design trends evolve and if our crystal ball is clear enough to see the future.


Retro-brands take us back to a simpler time in life. Nostalgic and timeless, they remind us of the simple and the elegant and make us wonder just where Woolworth’s went. We take a walk down memory lane. We reminisce and the brand has caught us by surprise.

Big. Bold. Simple.

These may sound in opposition, but bold and simple have been shown to be the best of bed-side fellows. 2018 will see bolder, brighter colours with striking mixed fonts that catch the eye in a way that says, “You can’t ignore me”. Negative space will continue to be the balancing act and the draw. Consider the Kodak logo—a return to the classic with bold yellow and red in simple, clean lines with negative space that props up the K.

Animated Logos

Animated logos are continuing to set themselves apart from their still-logo competitors and this will be increasing in the months ahead. DreamWorks and Disney are both at the forefront of unforgettable logos that have been set in motion. Think of the Disney castle and what do you see? Fireworks. DreamWorks finds a boy on a moon fly-fishing in the clouds. Mesmerising. They draw us in with their simple beauty and imagery that reminds us of the power of dreams.

Nature-Inspired Designs

The world of graphic design often follows the world of fashion. Or is that the opposite? Whichever one took the lead, it looks like design that imitates nature is going to continue to grow well into 2018. Look for designs that emulate stones, plants and animals. An effective brand uses imagery to capture emotion.  Think MSN and you may see a butterfly. Consider your last tweet and a little, blue bird may become engrained in your cortex. Red Bull, Ralph Lauren, Firefox. Need we say more? The fox symbolises speed and the butterfly freedom. That is defining your company and brand in a big way with little space and we’ll see more of that in the year ahead.

Thinking of a change for 2018? Let us help you define your company in an unforgettable manner that says, “We’re here to stay”.

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