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3 great reasons to freshen up your signage

Signage, like the business it represents, should always continue to evolve. Below are three reasons why now is a good time to make sure your signage fits your brand and your business goals.

The Three Reasons
  1. Bricks and mortar stores are here to stay
    Of course it goes without saying that it is important to have a standout website, but there are significant indicators that stores that offer their customers great retail experience are here to stay, so make sure your signs are part of that journey.
  1. Your current signage doesn’t look like your current brand
    Good retail signage like outdoor signs, and way finding graphics are no small investment, and when you purchase high-quality signage, you probably want it for the long run. Yet, if you’ve updated any of your branding elements, such as a redesigned logo, make sure it carries through to the rest of your signage. Your signage should make use of the fonts, colour palette, graphic treatments, and other elements of your current brand to portray a seamless experience wherever your customers entry point is, be it online, advertising or in store.
  1. Your signage looks tired
    Retro might be the look you are after but if your signage is blemished with scuff marks and dirt, or your awnings are so faded by the sun that all the colours have turned, then it’s definitely time to think about signage. Tatty old signs can scare off potential customers!

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